The Music


8GF loves connecting with fans. He welcomes fan pictures, videos and live recordings. If you have a shot of 8GF or any of his fingers, pass it along and we'll do our best to post it on the site.

Watch the video....cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" at the 4th Street Vine Bowie Tribute Show, January 17, 2016.  With Robby Ravenwood and Robby Delosier.

Sensible Shoes EP   (2016)

Power Pop.  Plus some other stuff.

Watch the video....Kirk's original song "Alone", with the 8GF band Tyler Watts, Edie Ofstedahl, and Trevor Erickson.

Kirk's original song "Enjoy Sacramento" performed at Richard Thompson's "Frets & Refrains".  Richard himself presented Kirk with a songwriting award for this song!  Emily Slomovitz on violin.